Welcome to Office Brigade

Welcome to Office Brigade, your innovative solution to all of your reception and administrative needs. What makes us so original, exactly? We decided to take the old, worn out concepts of in-office receptionist and administrative work, and turn them on their sides. And how did we do this? By removing the need for an in-house employee, freeing your business (and your budget) to focus on the day-to-day industry operations associated with growing your company.

Here at Office Brigade, we handle everything that an in-house receptionist or administrative assistant would, at a fraction of the cost, and according to your specific needs. No more juggling everything yourself, and no need to hire someone on site.

Want a client consultation or appointment scheduled? We’ve got you covered.

Need to apply for a business license or permit? Done.

Seeking follow-up information on new customers or vendors? Got it.

Want a recommendation on what to have for dinner? Well… that’s actually not what we do, but I’m sure we can suggest something anyway!

So how does this work? Glad you asked!

We at Office Brigade act as a sort of liaison for business owners, juggling the obligatory and oftentimes time-consuming tasks of administering to the needs of your company for you, so that you can focus on doing what you do best: your job! And the services we offer vary just as widely as the businesses our clients run.

Our main services are two-fold: phone services, and administrative services. Within these two over-arching umbrellas, the possibilities are immense, and can be tailored to meet your unique industry needs, budget, and time-constraints.

Phone services

With our virtual receptionist phone services, we are your front desk, your customer service, your first line of client interaction. We offer you a dedicated phone number through which we answer your calls, take messages, and respond to customer questions. We can schedule appointments, screen calls, and follow up with clients on your behalf. You can choose how to receive your messages (text or email), and which types of calls or requests you would like us to forward directly to you, saving you time throughout your day.

We can arrange part-time or full-time answering services, depending on your company’s needs and your individual preferences. Our system tracks the precise phone minutes, and we only bill you for minutes used, saving you money that you can apply to other aspects of your business. We also offer a variety of month-to-month service contracts, freeing you up from long-term commitments; as your needs change, so can your service agreement.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not!

Administrative services

Along with phone services, Office Brigade takes it one step further, offering a concept few businesses have even considered: virtual admin work. Rather than paying to have an administrative assistant in-house, our virtual service allows you to only pay for the administrative work you need, when you need it. We offer a broad range of hours, accommodating the needs of any industry. These services allow companies large and small to expand their operations while keeping overhead costs low and providing a range of flexibility that in-house admin work cannot. Geographical constraints, travel demands, and multi-location needs are no longer prohibitive factors, as our professional administrative staff can juggle it all from one convenient, off-site location.

Our services are broad, from the scheduling of projects, work crews, and contractors; to submitting custom written proposals, company letters, and application forms; to appointment reminder calls, data or records entry, travel bookings, and event planning. We do it all! We even offer social media management, wherein we can monitor and post to your social networking sites on your behalf.

Need a task completed that’s not discussed here? Just ask! We are always looking to add new services to our roster.

If you feel Office Brigade can meet your reception or administrative needs, or if you simply have questions, feel free to peruse our website and then give us a call!

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