Pricing Overview

By utilizing Office Brigade’s virtual reception and administration services, you not only benefit from the convenience and immediate stress-relief of having our professional, fully-trained staff on hand whenever you need us, but you will also experience instant, tangible cost savings. When you take into account the exorbitant overhead expenses related to housing on-site staff, the benefits become even clearer. Between down time, training, staff management and oversight, struggles in efficiency, and the direct costs related to leased office space, supplies, and utilities, the savings of virtual reception and administration are clear! With our virtual reception and administration services, you’re only paying for service time you need and use, nothing more.
Per Minute Billing

How it works

Regardless of whether you utilize our reception or administration services, you will be billed at a per-minute rate.  This rate will be determined by how many minutes you use in a billing period; since you are billed semi-monthly, you are able to switch between the various rates packages depending on your immediate needs, giving you financial flexibility and allowing you to customize your usage as your business requires. You are only ever billed for minutes used, so you only pay for 100% productive work!
Billed minutes include your own dedicated, company-specific phone number available for you to use as you wish. Clients will be able to reach you directly or be forwarded to us first, depending on your preferences. We can set you up with a brand new phone number or we can port your existing number to your new Office Brigade line. This can allow additional savings because you can get rid of your old office line altogether. If you want to keep your existing line and just forward your calls to us, that is an option as well.
You also have flexibility in terms of full-time or part-time usage; you can use our services for all of your office phone calls or you can just use it as a backup.  Our phone system allows comprehensive phone trees, so we can set up the number to ring to your cell phone at specified times, or to ring to you first and if you are not available to answer it will then forward to us.
Our highly competitive pricing and unparalleled level of service allows us to stand out from our competitors in ways currently unmatched in this niche industry. We are one of the only companies currently offering both reception and administrative support, covering both your front-line and back-end organizational needs. We go above and beyond the offerings of any other virtual service company, giving you the best bang for your buck and making Office Brigade the clear choice.

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Give us a call today and start experiencing the relief of letting our staff handle all of your reception and administrative needs!