Administrative Services

Coordinating Construction Projects
We can alleviate stress from your busy schedule by handling the ins and outs of running your constructions sites. We can deal with scheduling estimators, installers, subcontractor crews, product orders, and whatever else you need managed for each site.
Meeting Preparation / Notes
Have a big presentation coming up, or need to plan for weekly staff meetings? Let us take care of that for you. From meeting notes, PowerPoint prep, information dissemination, and follow-up minutes, we’ve got you covered.
Research Assistance
Looking into a new business loan, pondering the viability of a niche market, or simply needing in-depth information on a given topic? We can do that. Give us your parameters, and our knowledgeable staff will draw up a well-researched, properly-cited (as needed) wealth of information for you.
Editing, Proofreading, & Beta Reading
Let’s face it, self-editing is a nightmare, and traditional editing services are expensive! Our highly-skilled team can provide fast, accurate, and thorough editing and proofreading services for any document type and industry, and at a mere percentage of the cost. From copy, blogs, catalogues, and informational articles, to in-depth essays, short stories, and even full-length novels or textbooks. Additionally, we offer beta reading services, wherein we will act as the test audience for your work before it goes out to publishing.

Letter Correspondence
Our professional and courteous staff can handle all of your business and secretarial correspondence for you, including letters of inquiry, customer claims or complaints, applications, sales letters, approval/dismissal notifications, recommendations, and any other client or business communication you may need.

Follow Up
Our trained staff can transcribe whatever you need, servicing the medical, legal, education, financial, technical, consulting, and marketing industries, to name just a few. Need voice-to-text services? Let us handle that for you.
Travel Planning
Travel for work? Tired of dealing with the hassle of booking your flights, rental cars, and hotels? Let us handle it for you! We work within your desired itinerary and find the best travel options for you based on your requirements- time frame, cost, etc.

Event Planning
Have an office shindig or major celebration coming up? Our staff can help coordinate it for you. From budgeting, scheduling, and permit acquisition, to site selection, transportation, décor, and catering, let our team of professionals handle it. Following the vision and parameters you set forth, we can see the project through from concept to completion with no hassle on your end.

Follow Up
Database Management
Do you have a large amount of data that needs to be organized? Our staff can take your data in whatever format you have and put it into a new database. We can use software you own, or we can do it in Excel or Access.